Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racquet '23 -
Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racquet '23 -
Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racquet '23 -
Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racquet '23 -
Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racquet '23 -

Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racquet '23

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We all want to score points… We all are STRIKERS! 

This is one of our study's conclusions that allowed us to identify different players profiles. Among them, the technical striker wants to drive the game and use both skills and strength to make the difference.

To fit perfectly this profile's needs, we've developed the Technical Vertuo that gives both easy power and preciseness in attacking shots.

The softest version of this new generation of racquet will encourage you to smash it and be a TECHNICAL STRIKER.



The power of a racquet depends on the player using it. This is a reality and that's why we've used soft materials on this racquet so you can benefit the elasticity of the racquet's surface. You will have an effortless power that will help you to express the best of your game.


The TECHNICAL STRIKER has to be decisive in every attacking shots. To do so, precision is mandatory. Thanks to its holes pattern adapted to its diamond shape, this racquet will make your shots as decisive as a surgical strike.


The comfort of play is a key feature at the time of choosing a racquet. To make sure you can enjoy playing as often as you want, we developed this racquet with both softer materials and a lighter weight to decrease your arm fatigue and provide more endurance and comfort.



A versatile system that allows players to customize strap size or completely remove the wrist strap.

Vibrabsorb System


Powered by SMAC, the system delivers better vibration absorption thanks to a new elastomer material integrated in the graphite of the racquet's core that provides more comfort on each shot while reducing the risk of injury.



Raised patterns on the racquet surface allows you to hit with more spin.



Player Typology: Technical Striker
Head Shape: Diamond
  • FRAME: Carbon
  • SURFACE: Fiberglass
Weight: 355 g +/- 10g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance Type: Head Heavy
Recommended Grip: Syntec Pro
Type of Cover: No Cover

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