Combo | Renew and Chill Bundle

Combo | Renew and Chill Bundle

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The RENEW AND CHILL BUNDLE is the ultimate relaxation package designed to help you refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind.

This bundle includes an ice tub to help reduce inflammation and soothe sore muscles, a hydrogen water bottle for optimal hydration and detoxification, and a set of 7 LED face mask to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or simply relax, this bundle has everything you need to renew and chill in the comfort of your own home.


  • Ice Tub for 1
  • Hydrogen Water Bottle
  • 7 Color LED Face Mask


Restore Ice Tub for 1

Our portable Ice Tub for 1 is the ultimate solution for a refreshing and relaxing experience wherever you go. Designed to accommodate one person, this compact and versatile tub brings the joy of ice baths right to your doorstep, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy and relaxation at your convenience.

With the Portable Ice Tub, you can indulge in the benefits of cold therapy and relaxation whenever and wherever you desire. Take the plunge and experience the invigorating sensation of our Portable IceTub for one—a perfect blend of rejuvenation, convenience, and portability.


  • PAIN MANAGEMENT & INFLAMMATION: It is utilized to target inflammation and manage pain, offering relief for sore muscles and joints. 

  • MOOD AND BRAIN FUNCTION: It enhances mood and cognitive function through cold exposure, stimulating the release of neurotransmitters that promote mental clarity and well-being. 

  • HEART RATE VARIABILITY: It supports cardiovascular health by promoting heart rate variability, a key indicator of overall wellness.

  • STRENGTHEN IMMUNE SYSTEM: Cold therapy has been shown to boost immune function by activating the body's natural defense mechanisms, helping to ward off illnesses.

  • OPTIMIZE SLEEP QUALITY: It promotes better sleep by calming the nervous system and reducing nighttime inflammation, leading to deeper, more restorative rest.

  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: With a lightweight 3.5kg weight and dimensions of 75x70 cm, this ice tub is perfectly sized for individual use, ensuring convenient and hassle-free application.


  • 1 Ice Bath
  • 6 Support legs
  • 2 Drainage taps/valves
  • 1 Drainage Adaptor
  • 1 Pump
  • 3kg weight
  • 75x70 cm


Hydrogen Water Bottle

Hydrogen water bottle is regular water with hydrogen gas added. 

By adding hydrogen gas to the water increases its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT: Infused with hydrogen molecules, this innovative water bottle aids in reducing inflammation throughout the body, promoting overall wellness and faster recovery after workouts.

  • ENERGY BOOST: Experience a natural surge in energy levels with every sip. Hydrogen-enriched water helps enhance cellular ATP production, providing sustainable energy for your active lifestyle.

  • RAPID RECOVERY: Accelerate post-exercise recovery with hydrogen-rich water. Its antioxidant properties combat oxidative stress, supporting muscle repair and minimizing soreness for quicker recovery times.

  • SKIN HEALTH ENHANCEMENT: Hydrate your skin from within with hydrogen water. Its powerful antioxidant effects help combat free radicals, promoting a radiant complexion and overall skin health.

  • IMMUNITY BOOST AND FOCUS: Fortify your body's defenses and sharpen your mental focus with regular consumption of hydrogen water. Enhance immune function and cognitive performance to stay at your best, both mentally and physically.

  • CONVENIENT ON-THE-GO HYDRATION: With its portable design, the Restore Fitness Hydrogen Water Bottle ensures you can enjoy the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water wherever you go, making it effortless to stay hydrated and invigorated throughout the day.

Feel the difference!

In just 3 minutes, you can invigorate your day with an energy boost! 

Please note: it's designed exclusively for water - avoid adding juice, milk, tea, or other liquids.


  • Semi-automatic
  • Charging time 2.5 -3h
  • Capacity: 420ml


7 Color LED Face Mask

This non-invasive LED mask is a type of facial mask that uses light-emitting diode (LED) technology to treat various skin concerns. 

The different colored LED lights target different skin issues, such as acne, wrinkles, redness, and hyperpigmentation. 

This 7 Color LED Face Mask is used in skincare routines to help improve the overall appearance and health of the skin.


  • Acne treatment: blue light (430nm) can help kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation 

  • Anti-aging: red light (63nm) can stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve skin elasticity, leading to a more youthful appearance.

  • Calming effect: green light (520nm) improves and balances skin tone, reduces excessive redness and puffiness, and decreases mental stress.

  • Sensitive skin: yellow light (590nm) gently stimulates collagen production, soothes rosacea, reduces redness , and inhibits melanin production to brighten skin.

  • Cyan light: helps enhance cell energy, improve skin clarity, fight dry, and calm skin irritations.

  • Purple light:  combines the benefits of both red and blue light, promoting skin renewal and cell regeneration.

  • Relaxation: white light offers close to a full spectrum, reduces emotional and mental stress, and promotes a youthful appearance.

Product Specs

  • Mask and Base
  • USB charging cable
  • Remote controller and manual 

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